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The InvestEd relationship with Betterment


InvestEd has an exclusive partnership with Betterment that combines sound financial advice with flexible custodial services. Betterment is one of the world’s leading online financial management websites, with more than $2.3B in assets and more than 95,000 customers. They provide a secure, trusted site to manage your money, plus mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The Numbers


For InvestEd and Betterment services, there is a .95% annual fee. Once your Betterment account is active and funded, no action is required on your end–your fees will automatically be deducted every year. In addition, when you use, your money is invested in a fully diversified index-fund portfolio, which carries 12 exchange-traded funds. These ETFs are some of the lowest cost funds in the industry, with an annual fee between .09% and .17% each, depending on your allocation.