Financial education webinars
for your employees

Our webinars are top level programs which focus on giving employees the information and education they require to examine their own financial situations and how to best take steps forward. The webinars we offer cover a wide variety of topics guaranteed to suit the needs of your employees. Click below to view our webinar options.

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Why offer financial education
to your employees?

Offering the opportunity for financial wellness to your employees can help ease their mind and feel more confident and focused on their performance in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is common for many to find themselves worrying about the state of their finances. In a recent study, 77% of Americans feel anxious over their financial situation (sourced by Capital One and The Decision Lab). By offering financial education, you can help improve the moral of your employees and overall make them better workers in your business.  


Financial Webinar Option


Choose a time and date that works best for you to reserve a private webinar for your employees. We can provide company-wide webinars with the option for a follow up meeting with individual employees. Webinar topic options are listed below.

• Investing 101
• Budgeting Basics
• What's Financial Planning & Why Do You Need It?
• How To Manage Debt & Increase Your Net Worth
• Retirement Savings & Investing 
• Investing 201 & Mistakes To Avoid
• Knowing About Your Taxes & How To Lower Them
• Estate Planning Basics & Common Insurances You Need
• Educational Funding & Analysis - 529 Plans
• Types of Financial Advisors & Why It’s of Most Important to You
• Financial Planning & Investing for Freelancers

Custom Webinar Option


InvestEd will provide any of the financial education webinars listed while also including specific information about your company. These webinars are able to be more customized and catered to your employees needs.

For in-depth customization you may choose to provide information about your company's 401k plan and investments options to explain how they can benefit and get the most of their plan. 

Our custom webinars can be provided at a rate of $250 for one hour with the option to add additional time or content for a fee of $75.


All webinars are remote and can happen over Zoom or your preferred presentation platform.